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The City Of Falling Angels

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Italy, Venice in particular? This book will give you a taste of that experience. You see, in Italy, each area has its own unique little quirks, which is what makes that country one of the most wonderful to visit. John Berendt takes you […]

By Arrangement

This was, if not mistaken, on the New York Best Seller list several years ago written by Madeline Hunter. I start off with that as when you read the review, you might wonder how in the world that the book got there. cheap generic viagra It isn’t a bad book at all. This is a […]

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

generic cialis next day delivery This is a book where your emotions will take a change towards the characters depending upon where you are in the book. Not that I have found this written anywhere, I wondered about the title when I got the book. After reading it I came to the view that the […]

The Romanov Prophecy

This is an article I wrote by request for a site of advice for anyone just getting into and wanting to write. cheap viagra no perscription Steve Berry writes a book that is one that is hard to put down. Face paced and spins a story with historical fact along with fiction. It opens with […]

The Greatest Salesman In The World

viagra toronto This is a book that has been around for literally years, since 1968. Has sold over – well, copy I have says “14,000,000″ and it is the “Gift Edition” 55th printing, September 2006. So has been around awhile. It was the writers first book. Thing is that I have found few that have […]

Maybe (Maybe Not) Second Thoughts from a Secret Life

This is a book by Robert Fulghum. I love his books. They are the type that you can pick up and read a chapter and it totally stands alone. Sort of mini stories in and of themselves. Since most have heard of his, “All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”, I have […]

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman (1985) overdose of paxil Happy is the word of the age. Along with convenience, happy has become the criterion for normal. On the surface this sounds fine. In this book the author questions what our version of “happy” is. There are two ways of […]

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

cialis order 5 mg Written by Mitch Albom and later turned into a movie that wasn’t as good as the book – this is the sort of book that you read and feel lifted up after reading. Many of us feel that we have not left our mark on the world, that we didn’t matter, […]

Papa My Father

Leo Buscaglia writes a very simple and emotion filled book about someone who was very important in his life, his father. This is a very small book, the type that you can put in your purse and read while waiting for an appointment. There are 125 pages of easy reading, written in 1989. indian cialis […]

The Case Has Altered

Don’t you love it when you find a new author that you like…and, they have written a lot of books? I just discovered mystery writer Martha Grimes and she has oodles of books for me to look forward to. I’ve been a fan of mysteries for a long time….and, I’m not easily impressed. Many mystery […]

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